Sunday, 4 April 2010

Sunday lovely Sunday.

Feel free to laugh - my face looks weird and I ALWAYS seem to look like I'm frowning or cross, haha. So that's not intentional at all. I'll try to re-shape my eyebrwos at some point.
Oh, and cheap (ancient) lipstick? Fail too, but you know. That's what happens when Boots is closed on a Sunday and you fancy taking photos.

However, INSPIRE meet up inspired me to try and more. I have no models and I need to practice at shooting bodies/faces, so I'm using myself.

I should get my remote this week too, which will make life easier. I'll work on more failtraits next week if we have some sun, in other words


ALSO. For £15 I got these -

10 rolls of expiried film from eBay. I'm not sure when they expired yet, but, it's ridiculously cheap so I'm happy with it. If anyone's interested in these I'll link you to the seller.
I'm excited!


  1. can you really not use it if it's expired?
    well i like your photos anyway, and your facial expression. i always look mad too but that's just the way we are!

  2. you can! :) the colours are sometimes warped/faded, but at long as the film is kept in a cool dry place it's usable.

    And thank you very much!

  3. oooh thats weird i never even knew fil, cpuld expire so do they still work??

    how wouldthe pictures come out?

    you've used it now how did they come out?