Thursday, 8 April 2010

Camera remote!

I finally bought a cheap camera remote from Amazon. It's not the best out there but it works, and for £5 including postage I'm not complaining (er, yet). I snapped some rather contrived shots over the last few days as fun and tests to get used to it.

They're relatively crap shots (at least, the last I'm not too fond of, haha), but you know, I enjoyed the sunshine and having fun the most! It's not worth it if you're not having fun, either :) The top and middle two were taken late afternoon on my roof, and the other two outside in the garden (as you might guess).
I fully intend to be more creative/less contrived in the near future, but gosh, not today!


  1. You're so prettyy. And the pictures are beautiful!

  2. Beautiful darling. And I rather like the last one. Quite coquettish

  3. gorgeous last picture !
    love your hair !

  4. I love your photos my dear :3

    Looking gorgeous as ever <3