Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Long time no post. I'm sorry!

A couple of weeks ago I made this headwreath thing for a test shoot. In all it took about 3 hours to make and looked a little Royal Ascot, but for £20, it isn't half bad!
The shoot was for a magazine which unfortunately decided to release without me, but I'm hoping that the lovelies at Thirst For Vision will take it for their summer issue, so until then here's a really crappy ~preview~ of some of the shots I'm still editing.

As soon as I can I'll post the final edits and stuff - there are a few over on my flickr for now.


  1. Wow, you made that? It's abs gorgeous!x

    Drop by sometime, if you could please<3

  2. halo miss!
    first off, your images are wonderful! So magical, and such an inspiration for me :)

    I wanted to ask how you made that flower headwreath? Iv been trying for ages and haven't been able to make one nearly as beautiful as that!
    With love xx