Saturday, 12 March 2011

Ben @ M&P


  1. whhaaa it's fantastic! i love this pictures!

  2. ahhhhhhh jo, these are so so so so wonderful

  3. Jo,

    My favorites are the 3rd and the 7th image.
    I like the 3rd one because it has an interesting composition.
    If you did some highlighting to the coat it will stand out a bit more making it look like an ad for to sell the coat or so...not too much though very little.

    The 7th image is just super sexy by itself, it has a bit of lens distortion but you can fix with a click of a button in photoshop cs5.

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  4. wow, these pictures are beautiful. they touched my feelings.

  5. Great job! 7th is the one I like the most! I agree with Dwayne, its really sexy! I love all them! Good job*

  6. your photos are amazing, love the 7th one too