Saturday, 23 October 2010

This was my first shoot using my "new" (2nd hand) 5D. FULL FRAME WINS ALL.

Jillian @ M&P
Styling by Sylvester Yiu
MUA/Hair by Kenny Leung
Assistance by Becca (Becky Xue-ying)

So my first magazine submission shoot didn't go as planned - I won't be in the magazine because we basically ran out of light. I got to work with an amazing team though so huge, huge epic thanks to them!
Also the first image (top) can be seen in Jillian's online book at M&P, which at least gives me hope to see if I can test with their models at a later date (I'm yet to email them, I want to get another good shoot done first!)

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  1. Her eyes are so bright and beautiful and scary in some way. Lovely shoots I have to say :)