Saturday, 23 October 2010

Mario @ Ace

This guy is amazing. My friend and usual (very talented and amazing) assistant Becca shot with him first and said I had to.
SO glad I did. He really just..owns it. He has so much energy, enthusiasm and kindness the shoot was so much fun. He's gone back to Greece now, but I really hope I get to work with him again one day!
I have so many more to edit at some point. Second image isn't photoshopped (minus curves, colours, etc. Basics) - I "freelensed" which is like cheap tilt0shifting basically. I really want to do more of it to see if I can get more accurate.


  1. These are really good and not just because he's not bad to look at haha. I really really love that second pictures. And I think your black and white looks amazing. Black and white is so tricky because when you do it right, you can make the photo even more amazing than it already is, but it's so easy to do it completely wrong and fuck up the entire thing. You definitely did it right. Be my teacher some time when I'm coming to visit you?

  2. These are fantastic! Your work is great :)
    I did do a collaboration for Ink - it was something they worked on for ''!

  3. This is your work? Looks straight out of an editorial! You are very talented, friend!

    I'm your newest follower!


    November Grey

  4. He´s really goog looking!!
    I follow u!