Sunday, 30 May 2010


Long time no update, because I'm lazy and have nothing new to share - so I though I'd put these three shots from the shoot I assisted for :)
All three are film and unedited. God I love the AE-1 so much: full frame sensor so 50 mm lens is super. ahjdjfkalajkfhjla<3
I'm currently in th midst of planning about 5 shoots this summer, which is actually driving me a little insane: models seems to be all okay'd plus two make up artists, not I just need the stylists to say yes. HURRY UP GUYS.
Seriously, if anyone ever wants to style for me do join me to save my nerves, haha.
OH. And oh my gosh, where are you followers coming from?! Thank you all so much for the comments! Don't think I ignore you, because I don't

1 comment:

  1. hiya wow this was taken on your canon ae 1

    you know i need that camera in my life ive officially stopped digital (parttime) lol ima start doing more film its much better