Friday, 21 May 2010

hey new world

Soooo today I was supposed to have a shoot (first with me as the main photographer) but sadly my model was ill, so we had to cancel. Very disappointed! I'm setting up some other shoots around and about anyway, and assisting a friend next Friday, but still :(

However, it was (ridiculously) hot and sunny, so I tottered around the garden in my new shoes and took some photos. Naff photos, but you know!

WISTERIA chiffon wedges. I LOVE YOU SO. I also bought two waistcoats from H&M and wore them together with a t-shirt I got for about £3 in a charity shop. I will be wearing this look again! I really shouldn't have bought them, but the general consensus is that they're so beautiful my purchase was justified - they're a perfect addition for something whimsical, girly and summery to my mostly-black and shoe/boot filled wardrobe.

Also, I ordered (about 2 months ago) some zebra print wedges that have turned out to be exactly like the ASHISH for topshop ones, just they look cheaper, and WERE cheaper (£50, bargain!) I'll get some better photos, but they're amazing:

It's nice to be average height. Shame it just takes 5" heels for it, haha!


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  2. Very cool wedges!! Can't wait to go to NYC where I can shop in H&M and Topshop... lol

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  3. I love your wedges, so romantic!