Thursday, 16 June 2011

Thirst For Vision issue 5

See the beautiful 5th issue of Thirst  for my shoot with model Anna alongside some wonderfully talented people. I got the cover too! So happy this shoot found a home where it's appreciated and stuff.

Here are some of the shots featured in the issue, as well as some others from the shoot.


  1. So pretty! Congrats on getting the cover. Love her John Lennon specs :)

  2. God damn...there r not much blogs i love as much as urs.
    I love everything bout this images..the girl..the clothes..her attitude..i guess i understand ur feeling..cause it´s nearly mine..this is what i wanne do too..this is what i try everytime.

    greetz Pam

  3. Great shoots, love the sunnies in the model and the litle star. x