Thursday, 26 May 2011

The perfect rucksack

I've been after the perfect rucksack for ages now - I do have one I use when I go to London and for shoots, but as wonderfully practical as it is, it looks really horrible. I use a canvas shoulder bag most of the time, but there's nothing worse than an aching shoulder, and my camera is heavy enough to do that within fifteen minutes.
So, Having poked about for ages, I finally saw that Asos have this absolute beauty new in (100% cotton and 100% leather), so I've bought it. Hoping it'll be as practical and comfortable as the other one - even if it isn't waterproof. If it fits some clothes my 5D in it I'll be happy.

Unbelievably excited for when it arrives.


  1. it's the most beautiful bag i've ever seeeeen!!!!!!!!!!

  2. what a beautiful pack bag! i've few bags i really love but none of them is perfect so i'm still looking for one...

    i've to say i absolutely love your photography, hoping you'll post some new images soon!

    - etta

  3. wow! its wonderful! i am really jelaous! how expenisive is it?