Saturday, 20 November 2010

Published work

Sooo, here are a few things I've been published in since beginning my photographic journey. It's so exciting to see my images on something other than my camera or computer screen!
I really hope this upward journey continues - thank you anyone and everyone who has supported me so far, it honestly means the world to me!

In order: What Digital Camera October issue, A Stop Photography (my friends independent book, started on Flickr), and Photography Monthly's "World of Photography" bookzine.

I submitted images to WDC and got a good response, although I didn't necessarily expect to get featured -or if I did, maybe a photospread as they do, but instead I was put in the "Evening Class" and won £65 of photo paper. I only found out when I got the paper in the post!
The "Evening Class" is basically a photoshop pro looking at your images and (kind of annoyingly, I find) editing anything they think will improve the image - however, needless to say all he did to mine was edit out 2 strands of hair between her eyes which are hardly noticeable. I have no real complaints, however!
Same pretty much goes for the bookzine - a lovely surprise to get an email saying you've been published!

As said in the post below this one, I also shot for INK magazine after contacting them about submitting work, so I'm hopeful I'll be in there for the Winter issue. Had a great shot with Tom and Jade from Bookings, and I hope I can post some previews up soon.
I'm not sure if it all was my strongest work, but it was still great to know that I might be getting some more exposure.

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