Saturday, 25 September 2010

Camera update - hurrah!

I'm so excited - I have anew camera! Thank to a great friend, I've been able to get my mits on a 5D (not the mk2). It's second hand but it an amazing condition and I got a few extras (12 gbs of memory, E4 battery grip + 4 regular batteries and etc) which is all really great.
I have 3 or so important shoots this month so finally having a full frame dslr makes me feel a lot more confident - obviously the camera doesn't make you a better photographer, but it'll certainly be a helpful step-up from my 400D (I've been finding it very limiting recently, and at last I can get the full potential out of my cheap-and-cheerful 50mm f/1.8!)

Below are two images I snapped using the 5D - a crappy self portrait (sorry for obvious skin edits, my skin is awful this Autumn), and an unedited coffee table and mug shot haha. I love the colours and clarity of the last image - I can't wait to use this camera in a more official capacity and show everyone what I have planned.