Friday, 4 June 2010


If I could afford to use film for the rest of my life, and only film, I would. I love my Canon DSLR, but I ADORE my Canon ae-1 much more - the sound of the shutter and winding the film on is almost erotic, haha.
I have hundreds of film photos. I'm going to try and organise some to scan in before the end of summer.
I want a darkroom.


  1. Did you take these pictures?? They are so so lovely!

  2. I did, yes! They're all from the same roll of film too :)

    Thank you!

  3. iknow i just wish it wasnt so chaep i literally have 4 rolls waiting to be printed..then i gota scan em in ..soo tedious but worth it!!!
    i know im finkin of turning my garage into a darkroom

    iknow the shutter and the winding on of film is addcitive


    p.s the last pic is beautiful
    may i ask what film u use ahd what film speed(iso)

    oh yeah im officially a follower i look forward to seeing what pics u take next