Thursday, 6 May 2010

London and travels

I've had the most amazing week. I'm SO tired, but I've been to Cardiff to meet Gareth Rhys and see Frenchie-jane again (last thursday) then ran off to London for Friday to shoot with Frenchie and the most gorgeous model and a wonderful stylist, Caitlin and Johanna. I was asissting the shoot, and it was so much fun.
I went back to London again Tuesday and wandered Oxford Street with Frenchie, then we met up with Oscar May and the gorgeous and talented Elle Hardwick. I feel so lucky to be making friends with so many talented and lovely people!
Anyway, long tim no blog, but here are some photos instead.

The beautiful Elle.

Frenchie and the mini sparkler!


Clothes from Friday. Topshop!

Johanna's arm, Frenchie and Caitlin in between shots.

Doing haaaair.

And two final images of mine.

But yes. Super tired and back of to Cardiff Saturday to do more silly fun shoots with Gareth and Frenchie. Not good for me to be so busy but with such amazing opportunities for fun and stuff I couldn't not go!
Keep and eye out for Frenchie's photo which should be up tonight and onwards!


  1. so many pretty people/clothes/pictures! Sounds lovely :))

  2. Your photography is so lovely! I adore your blog ♥