Thursday, 15 April 2010


I found these on (evil and beloved) Topshop last month. I'm not usually one for flat shoes, but I instantly fell in love - I would have bought them but I had no money and I wasn't 100% sure. Now that I am, and I can afford them, they've disappeared from the website. Wtf topshop. I'M SO LOYAL TO YOU.

They remind me an awful lot of The Swing by Fragonard - mostly just the tonal aspects (subtle blues, greens and nudes) and for that I find myself loving the classical feel to them. French Aristocrat perhaps? Maybe.

I live a lot in doc martens, and right now I'm so in the mood for something a bit more fresh and delicate. Blargh. I think I might console myself and purchase some floral ditsy tights instead tomorrow. I like the idea of white tights, but know me they'd be grey in an hour, so something patterned is a compromise!

I'll keep looking just in case every few days, but well. Psh. Bugger, blast and damn.

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